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Premier Fitness Solutions is a Personal Training and Fitness company serving Algonquin and the surrounding Northwest Suburbs. The company was founded by 3 of the top Personal Trainers in the region (Jamie Philippi, Craig Kastning and Karina Bukala).

Our focus is to provide clients with maximum results in a safe, supportive and fun atmosphere. Over the last decade we have studied, researched and trained for thousands of hours. We have created one of the most comprehensive weight loss and fitness systems in the industry, guaranteed to get results!


Jamie Philippi –

Jamie is entering his 16th year in the fitness industry. He has worked for huge corporate gyms and run their programs to the top. His fitness business knowledge and wit has allowed him to be successful, regardless of where he is working. He has not always been a department head or manager, he has been on the floor too … working with clients from all walks of life and helping them get the absolute best results. Many look at him and have no idea how to read him …you can walk into his facility in the dead of winter, and he will be sporting sweat pants, thermal, hoodie, skull cap or stylish winter hat. If you happen to walk into that same gym in the hottest part of summer, you will see him sporting sweat pants thermal, hoodie, skullcap or stylish winter hat. I like to think of him as being consistent, however, clients have trouble reading him because they do NOT know what “Jamie” is in the gym that day! Take a look:

1. Business Jamie: Can be found in the office looking at his computer, ignoring anyone and anything within a five mile radius. He is expressionless and focused on improving and finding new ways to help more people.  Jamie lives by the philosophy that the more value you add to other peoples lives the more successful and fulfilled you will be.   His mission is to constantly challenge himself and continue to grow and improve so he can experience life to the fullest and be an Inspiration to help others accomplish more then they thought possible and reconnect with the greatest/coolest version of themselves.

2.     Rockstar Jamie: Can be found in full sweat suit training people. A little less than happy that he had to wake up before 9am and laying the smack down on the poor client that insisted on working out earlier than usual! He is a little louder than normal & putting together multi-movement workouts that would have even a fitness expert huffing … oh yes and a ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK IN HAND! 

3.     Monster Jamie: This is the Jamie that most prefer. He has already pounded about 2 monster twist tops and acts like he has been smoking the good stuff. He spends the majority of the day cracking jokes at everyone, but mainly Karina. He is always smiling and louder than ever. You might hear the ROCKY theme song play more than twice per hour and he is bouncing around like he is about to start round 1. It is the craziest thing, clients bring MONSTER drinks to him all the time. .. Jamie is all business when it comes to Fitness! Jamie also surrounds himself with like minded people, and fitness is hands down what makes him happy. He is super excited to share ALL THREE PERSONALITIES with YOU!

Karina Philippi- 

Karina has taken the longest path in search of her true passion. She was a licensed physical therapist with a concentration in injury rehabilitation for years before making the move to massage therapy and eventually personal training. She is currently in her 16th year and has kept hundreds of individuals accountable to see that they reach all of their personal goals. Her work ethic and discipline nutrition and workout habits are second to none!

Okay, now that you know Karina is educated and a great trainer let’s get down to the good stuff. After busting her ass for some BIG BOX Corporate gym for years she decided it was time to make a change and teamed up with the two stallions we already introduced you too. It is NOT easy being the only lady amongst two professional straight laced businessmen like Craig and Jamie. She has managed to have thick skin and take all of their criticism and high demands with a smile. As you can imagine she has a position that millions of women would LOVE to have … so she always delivers. Similar to Jamie, she has multiple personalities. We like to call them “Karina” and “Katrina.”

“Karina” can be found at the gym in her cute little workout outfits, makeup done, smile on her face, and full of energy! She has already completed sprint intervals on the step mill as well as workout #1 with her morning semi-private training group, workout #2 with Darren which is only 90-120 minutes of full body madness with circus tricks and the whole nine yards. Workout #3 just some random exercises here and there in case the other two didn’t do the trick. She is full of energy and happy as a clam as she train’s her clients and goes about her daily business. She is quite pleasant to be around!

“Katrina” can be found at the gym in her cute little workout outfits, no make-up, coffee in hand, serious look on face, and conducting an intense semi-private training session like a general. She did not get cardio in and only worked out with one of the group training sessions (not a workout in her book). She is stressed from pretty much everything regardless of how big or little it is. Usually not a huge deal but she tends to over think and over exaggerate the issue to make is a huge deal. She gets even more flustered and stressed when Craig and Jamie do not see it as such a huge problem. Unfortunately the group training to follow gets totally crushed as she takes the entire hour out on them as she puts them through a vigorous and intense workout (actually great workout just very tough). Again she is complaining because she had not gotten a workout in yet (remember the two classes do not count) and remains “Poopy” because of it! As you can see…most prefer to have KARINA and not her EVIL TWIN! 

Last, but certainly not least…Karina is all business when it comes to health and fitness! On October 8th, 2011 she locked down her man and long-time love. This Cougar found her prey,  attacked, and won! Much like her partners, she has surrounded herself with likeminded people. Karina is a firm believer in Karma and has allowed her to exclude any negative energy from her life!  Her passion for fitness is awesome and she is so excited to share her expertise with you!

P.S. If you have noticed Karina has picked up her “Comeback” game and is about 100x funnier since Premier opened in 2009..here is the explanation! Karina has easily spent over 10,000 hours with Craig and 21,900 hours with Jamie. The energy and humor that radiates from these two is bound to become contagious…well, I think Karina has caught the “Awesomeness!”

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