Healthy Foods That Might Ruin Your Workout

Not all healthy foods are good to eat before you hit the gym.

A lot of foods can actually slow you down in a variety of ways which prevents you from getting the workout you really want and need. Since we don’t want anything slowing you down we decided to share some of these workout saboteurs with you.

1. Flaxseed – It’s good for you but the high fiber can cause gas and bloating which will definitely slow down your workout.

2. Hummus – Great snack to have AFTER your workout. It takes a while to settle and will definitely slow you down if it’s bouncing around in your stomach.

3. Dairy – Again, it’s a great food to have after your workout. Having it up to two hours before you hit the gym is sure to kill your workout.

4. Salty Snacks – Nuts are great sources of protein but anything with high levels of salt can throw off your fluid-balance which is essential for better workouts.

5. Hard Boiled Eggs – They are a great source of protein but they don’t offer any immediate energy. They also take some time to digest and will stay in your stomach during your entire workout.

Read more about foods that slow down your workout here. 

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7 Snacks That Melt Fat

Here are a few good snack combinations that will fill you up and give your body some of the nutrition that it really needs. Even better news, they are all DELICIOUS

  • Slice one hard-boiled egg.
     Place pieces on five low-salt whole-grain crackers topped with small tomato slices. Add ground pepper to taste.
  • Dip 10 carrot sticks into two tablespoons of hummus. Go the homemade route and whip up this tasty recipe for black bean hummus.
  • Make use of your leftovers: Shred two ounces of turkey breast and place on half a toasted whole wheat English muffin. Place two thin slices of avocado and a large sliced strawberry on top.
  • Cut a small apple into eight pieces. Mix together one tablespoon of natural peanut butter and one teaspoon of honey; spread evenly on each slice. Super easy and you can take those basics with you anywhere.
  • Lightly toast one small slice of whole-grain bread. Cover its surface with two ounces of drained water-packed tuna and top with one tablespoon of shredded part-skim mozzarella cheese. Broil until the cheese is melted. It doesn’t have the weight of a restaurant style tuna melt but it fills you up without loading you with fat and empty calories.
  • Cut one large flaxseed tortilla in half. (Save the other half for your next snack attack.) In a small bowl, mash one-quarter cup of blueberries and sprinkle with cinnamon. Spread one tablespoon of low-fat cream cheese onto one half, then top with the blueberry mixture. Fold it and chow down. This snack will satisfy that killer sweet tooth.
  • Have a quick, colorful salad: Toss three cups of baby spinach, 10 cherry tomatoes and one tablespoon of pine nuts with two tablespoons of balsamic vinegar. If this doesn’t really do it for you try mixing in other veggies like bell peppers or broccoli.

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Droppin’ It Like It’s Hott!

What’s the good word people? Well, hopefully you had a killer weekend and are off to a great start to your week! I know I was productive today and am ready to crush this week and DOMINATE the DAY everyday that I can…as most of you know I have been in a challenge with three of my high school buddies and life long friends from Woodstock…well, here is an update of how they have been doing and what their thoughts are after week two!
A little idea of what kind of guys we are working with incase you missed the original blog:
1. Big House-High school standout WR and DB…All-Conference and a huge part of the success of the 1997 State Champion Woodstock Blue Streaks. He took his talents to Holland, Michigan for college where he played at HOPE College for a few seasons and then decidied to concentrate on his academics. He is currently happily married with a little one and still resides in Michigan. Big House is on the other side of this competition, he is looking to put on some more muscle and lean mass as he is built like a runner…lean and not much fat on this one!
2. Chunk- Captain of the football team, All-State QB to the State Championship Streaks as well as All-State Academic! Referred to back in the day as The Fat QB or The Ladies Man! This guy left the midwest upon graduation and attended University of San Diego. Played one year of football and then concentrated on studies. Post graduation he worked in San Francisco and was living the dream…now he is in Portland, Oregon working, golfing, married, dog, and a bun in the oven! Yeah, still living the dream! Apparently he is out doing the Truffle Shuffle somewhere because he was the only one that didn’t send me his updates!
3. The Big “S” – Another one of the Stallions on the State Team! All-Conf and regarded as the best technition on the O-Line! He was just 175 but manged to take care of the 320 lb and 350 lb gorillas on the other side of the line during the title game! After graduation he left of school…I think it started at SIU-Carbondale where he attended class like a Rockstar for the the first week! He then met this girl name Stella Artois and that was all she wrote! He made his way to Bloomington-Normal where he spent the better part of the decade situating himself for his final year at Eureka College (Yes, the home of Ronald Reagan) where he set a record for the oldest collegiate baseball player that year…lol! He is currently living in Lake in the Hills, IL and has great family started! He is happily married and the current regular season champion of our fantasy football league WOODSTOCK LEGENDS!!!
4. The Manimal – That would be me! If you don’t know much about me…sorry about it! Just playing, just click on the ABOUT US TAB and read there…lol!

Okay, here it goes…I hope you enjoy and I look forward to hearing from you all and catching up this week! GET SOME!
Manimal/Sexy Beast
Weight – 206.5lbs
Neck – 16”
Chest – 45”
Bicep – 17.5”
Forearm – 13.25”
Waist – 35”
Belly – 35”
Hips – 39”
Thigh – 23.5”
Calves – 15”
After 2 Weeks
Weight – 201.5lbs
Neck – 16”
Chest – 45”
Bicep – 17.5”
Forearm – 13.25”
Waist – 32”
Belly – 33”
Hips – 39”
Thigh – 23.5”
Calves – 15”

Well, I have to say this week was NOT easy! I have been seeing more cookies and sweets that I know what to do with all the temptation…lol! Regardless, I managed to maintain last week and drop a little more…nothing drastic, but feel like I didn’t regress too far and still pretty sure I can whoop all these fools in this competition (Yes that was me talking shit and issuing a challenging….come get you some!)

Friday was the toughest day of all…I was up at 3am for Boot Camp in Schaumburg and then headed back to Premier for a day of training and prepping for the Premier Holiday Party! Let’s just say it was another great party and the waitress was bringing me my Grey Goose and Cran 4 at a time ALL NIGHT! Yeah, it was good times. I believe the night was a wash…I chose to forego the food and had booze instead…I also threw out my moves like Jaegar and probably a little Chip n Dale too…I’m just saying, Manimal has skills!Other than falling off the wagon and then getting run over by it…I am feeling solid. I am ready to go and have a feeling this is going to be a bad ass week.So, here is it…Chunk, Big House, and Big “S” we are in week 3…things should start to get better, nutrition gets easier, and I better see those numbers go in the right direction…get after it.
Sexy & I know It
Big House
Start Date
Weight – 155lbs
Neck – 15.5”
Chest – 37”
Biceps – 12”
Forearms – 11.25”
Waist – 31.5”
Belly – 31.5”
Hips – 37”
Thighs – 20.25”
Calves – 14.75”
After 2 Weeks
Weight – 154 
Neck -14.25       
Chest -37   
Belly -30             
Waist -30.25
Hips -37.25
Bicep -11.5
Forearm -10.75  
Thighs -20.25     
Calves -15           


Another week down and I am still chugging along.  My wife and I don’t typically go on date nights, however, this weekend both our daycare and the YMCA offered date nights.  I started losing weight this spring and I don’t go all crazy like CHUNK at restaurants! I cannot say I eat any solid protein and/or vegetables either…sorry, not my thing!  I have found that I am kicking ass at breakfast and lunch, but I am like a kid in a candy store at dinner and of course the weekends. I am feeling rejuvenated and ready to take this week by the…you fill in the blank!  Oh yeah, these upper body workouts seem tough but I am getting through them pretty smooth, however, the lower body are about as much fun as a kick in the junk!  If you notice my measurements might be a little off…I did switch to a fabric tape measure instead of a hobo shoelace to tape measure. Here is to another week gentlemen… I’ll be back in town the second weekend in January so hopefully we can meet up and compare abs…

The Big “S”

Start Date
Weight 233 lbs
Chest 44.5″
Neck -15.75″
Biceps -16.5″
Forearms – 13″
Waist – 39.5″
Belly – 42.5″
Hips – 45″
Thighs -26″
  Cows -17.25″ 
After 2 Weeks
Chest 44    
                   Neck-15 .25″                 
Bicep- 16″  

This week was interesting to say the least… I had date night on Saturday and just like Chunk, my wife made me have pizza. Not only that, she made me drink vodka tonics ALL NIGHT! It was awful; I hope you all don’t have to go through this too…sigh!  I know my weight would have been below 220 if I didn’t party on Saturday night…I will be back…watch out! The rest of the week went well and I catch myself not eating as much as I should sometimes. Work will get crazy busy and I will be rushing around all day and forget to eat. I think this week and next week are going to be super hard with all the Christmas cookies and egg nog.  Not to mention my beautiful wife will probably make me eat pizza and drink more of those awful drinks…wish me luck and Merry Christmas Guys!!! -Big S

PS Check out how great my wife was this weekend…. …I laugh…I joke…I kid…I kid! Lol…


Well, I hope you enjoyed the pictures, cartoons, and happenings of all our weeks! Have a kick ass day and don’t forget to…………


Woodstock’s Finest Battling It Out!

Hey Ya’ll, I am sorry I have been leaving you all out in the cold on the weight loss competition I have Rocking with my Boys from Woodstock! Well, I had them each write a little blurb about their week so take a peek…some really good stuff!

We will go ahead and start it off with My boy CHUNK…he has already dropped a 1/2 inch on his belly and his weight is down to 215.5! Nice work, looks like the TRUFFLE SHUFFLE CARDIO is paying off…down 2 lbs.

 Here is what CHUNK had to say…
“I was so effing sore by the 4th workout it crushed my ability to get the recommended reps in.  I am feeling revived and ready to get after it again today…watch out BIG HOUSE and BIG “S” – CHUNK is coming for YOU!

P.S. Totally slipped my mind, but my preggers wife made me eat pizza this weekend!”

This moves us right along to BIG HOUSE who tipped the scales at 156 lbs, one pound up from last week! Most the times this is bad, however, he is on a different diet…lean and mean and a little more mass is his goal! Take a peek at what the Big Fella had to say:

“One week in and I feel like I am off to a slow start. Left for Vegas on Thursday morning and got back Sunday afternoon. squeezed in a workout thursday morning before take off. Actually did get up and run down the strip one morning, but other than that standard Vegas for 3 days. Still feeling some soreness from early week workouts and walking from casino to casino. Had lots of time on the plane to read and study the workouts and diets. Now bring on week two, and CHUNKY QB and Big as”S” you guys better be working!”

Big “S” has come to play…as he weighed in at 225 this week…yes, he is already down 8 lbs! Hell yeah brother, I love it. Take a look at what he had to say:

“When you dropped this on me last Sunday the first thing that went through my mind was I have no time to do this with work and the new baby. When I started looking at myself in the mirror I said Big “S” you got lazy, no more excuses. Basicly I want to look good naked. It is not easy to find time to do the workouts, but nothing worth doing is ever easy. My schedule every week is; work from 6:00am to 5:15 when I get home I watch my little princess from 5:15 till 8:00 when My Queen is done teaching violin lessons out of our house. I get my cardio by walking and running my dog Lola every night and she couldn’t be happier to help. I squeeze in the workouts on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I am sore, but it is a good burn. I am very curious to see if my calves or as you call them COWS will get smaller or bigger from working out and loosing weight. The diet part of the program was an ajustment. I seriously got hooked on sugar and candy bars for a quick pick me up during the afternoon. I can feel my body going through withdrawl, but it is all good. The one thing I have been teaching myself is to drink plenty of water and when it is getting late and I get hungry I drink a glass of water and GO TO BED. When I wake up I am no longer hungry. I am looking forward to wearing all the cloths I have bought and said I will fit in  when I drop the weight. By the way, you can let Chunky QB and Little House that the GIANT is awake and they are going down!”

Now, here is a little something from Yours Truly:

“Wow, back on the wagon to clean eating, insane workouts, and cutting my ROCKSTAR and MONSTER drinks cold turkey. I have had a few headaches every day due to NO caffeine, however, the massive amounts of water have been able to keep them to a minimum. I have been working out with a local high school athlete Timmy Mahoney so it is good to have a young energetic kid to go through this insanity with me. Yes, these workouts I am doing are no joke. Split days of Upper and Lower Body. I perform 1500 reps on lower body day and 1000 on upper body and mix in tababta training between each superset! BEGINNERS probably do NOT want to start here…I could barely move my arms or legs after the first two workouts so it is pretty intense. It will all be worth is when there is an 8 pack and lot so of lean shredded muscle come the end of this competition. I am truly enjoying the prep and the change and looking forward to changes these coming weeks. My weight was 203.5 lbs so I dropped 3 lbs and feel solid. Ready to crush the week and give these three guys a run for their money!”

Before I go, I also received this from one of the guys and chose to NOT post who wrote it, I encourage you all to comment and let me know who you think said it…I was laughing my ass off so I hope you like it too!

 ”Hey Craig, can you please ADD have “lots of crazy sex” to our workouts and resend the documents to us? I would like to post it on my fridge. I appreciate it!”

Is this classic or what? It is true a good healthy session can burn more calories than you thing…I’m just sayin’!

On that note, I am going to sign off and look forward to hearing what you all have to say! This has been a blast and I look forward to the weeks to come.

I will post pix in next post…enjoy and see you soon!

SB Manimal

Hey Yoooooou Guuuuuuuuys!

I’m back and as promised I have a little more about this competition I am in with three of my oldest friends from Woodstock! It is funny that we are in a competition like this being that we were all teammates on the best high school football team to take the field in all of the Northwest Suburbs…I’m just sayin’!

Yeah, the good ole’ days when we ate McDonald’s and whatever junk we wanted too and relied on youth and great metabolism…where has the time gone? All I know is I am excited to see these guys pack on some muscle, drop a little fat (okay, a lot of fat), and above all get the energy they had back in high school back.

Before I lay the measurements on you, I want to give you all a little background of the crew…

I am debating between MANIMAL and SEXY BEAST (at request of some of our clients at Premier) – I think I like SEXY BEAST better…thoughts? Anyways, if you are reading this you have probably been on my Facebook page or worked out with me at the gym. I would love to sit here and tell you all this exciting stuff, but most of you know my day-to-day operations and what has been going on in my life. Overall, I have to say I am blessed to have great family, friends, business partners, career, and health! I can honestly say I LOVE MY JOB and I wouldn’t change a thing.


CHUNK – Well, this guy is hands down the best quarterback to ever come out of the McHenry County! Not only was he an All-State athlete he was an All-State Academic member too. Yeah, some guys get it all…Brains, Beauty, and Brawn! After a great high school career he took his talents to San Diego for undergrad and eventually landed a killer gig out in San Francisco! Living the dream this guy…fun – sun – money – and what else? You got it…GOLF!!! Lol…after years of searching for his Mrs. Right he found her and was able to use his fishing skills to reel her in  and keep her on the line. Great catch bro, she is a keeper for sure. I am happy to say I was there in Astoria, Oregon to stand in the wedding. So, he is currently in Portland, Oregon with his lovely wife and enjoying GOLF and of course some work when time permits. I will fill you in on him more over the next 12 weeks…stay tuned!

BIG HOUSE – He gets the award for the friend I have visited in the hospital most. BH was also a stand out football player on the dominant state championship team. He was CHUNK’S possession man and go to man in a crunch! It was not uncommon to see him Streaking down the sideline with defensive backs chasing him into the zone for 6! Yeah buddy…kid has skills. Post high school he ventured to Holland, Michigan to play college football and to get a degree. Since that time, he has managed to find himself a wife and make a beautiful baby….YEAH BUDDY! Great work…I have seen the pictures.

BIG “S” – The Professional Student. Yes, this guy is a modern day Van Wilder. I know we graduated in 1998 together and when I went back for my masters in 2006 he was my roommate. Yeah, you heard that right he was still at school, working full time, and living the dream. He even managed to play college baseball in 2007….yes, they referred to him as “Dad.” Regardless, I can say he probably had more fun in college than any of us and had more experiences that all of us combined. He has remained one of my closest friends and has always been there to help when I need him. He currently has a killer job, a wonderful wife, and beautiful baby girl! Oh, and a kick ass fantasy football team that SHOCKED us all and won the regular season championship last week. LUCKY SOB!

Okay, now you know who these guys are and somewhat about them…now you get to know what their bodies are looking like to start this competition! So Here it goes…

The Big “S”
Weight – 233 lbs

Neck -15.75″
Chest -44.5″
Biceps -16.5″
Forearms – 13″
Waist – 39.5″
Belly – 42.5″
Hips – 45″
Thighs -26″
Cows -17.25″


Weight – 216.4lbs

Neck – 17.5”

Chest – 44”

Biceps -15.5”

Forearms – 12”

Waist – 38.5”

Belly – 41”

Hips – 43.5”

Thighs – 23”

Calves – 16.5”

Big House

Weight – 155lbs

Neck – 15.5”
Chest – 37”
Biceps – 12”
Forearms – 11.25”
Waist – 31.5”
Belly – 31.5”
Hips – 37”
Thighs – 20.25”
Calves – 14.75”

Manimal/Sexy Beast

Weight – 206.5lbs

Neck – 16”

Chest – 45”

Bicep – 17.5”

Forearm – 13.25”

Waist – 35”

Belly – 35”

Hips – 39”

Thigh – 23.5”

Calves – 15”

So…I think that is enough to think about for the day…I am working on pictures now so I hope you are all enjoying what we are doing here at this point! It is going to get better…weight is going to drop, fat is going to melt off, and ABS will be popping…yeah Buddy! Until next time…Dominate The Day

Kastning OUT

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The results

So here it is……, today’s chili:


Today's chili



-Celery – Raw, 1.5 cup chopped

-Peppers – Sweet, red, raw, 2 cup, chopped

-Peppers – Sweet, green, raw, 2 cup, chopped

-Generic – Red Onion – Raw, 1.5 cup

-Garlic – Raw, 3 cloves

-Beef – Ground, 95% lean meat / 5% fat, raw 1.6lbs

-Tomatoes – Petite Diced, 1large container         

-Crushed Tomatoes (100% Natural), 1 large container (12oz)

-1 can of red kidney beans

-Spices – Chili powder, 3 tbsp

-McCormick – Garlic Salt, 1 teaspoon

-Spice Classics – Italian Seasoning, 1 tsp

The whole recipe nutrition information:

calories   2457,  carbs 309g,  protein 224g,  fat 44g

It serves 6-8 people, nutrition information for 6:

Calories 410,  carbs 52g,  protein 37g,  fat 8g


Wash all the vegetables, clean them and chop them up pretty well ( I use the chopper with the string that I got as my wedding gift-LOVE IT!!!!!!!)

Brown meat on a dry pan, after it’s fully cooked add chopped onion, and cover to simmer.Let it simmer

Put all the rest of the veggies in a pot , add ½ cup of water and let it boil, decrease the heat and let it simmer , add meat/onion mixture, add all the spices and drained beans , and let it cook under the lid for another 25-30 minutes.

It tastes the best next day.

Jamie gave it a B+…….., I can’t wait to cook it again, to see if it tastes the same, or I will try to change it up. Hope I can stick to the recipe.

I will keep you posted!!!



Banana bread turned out great, it was sweet and moist, way better then I thought it would be.

here is the ingredients:

5 egg whites

The ingredients

1 egg yolk

2 tbs of Greek yogurt

1/4  cup of natural peanut butter

1/2 cup of oat bran flower(gluten free)

1/3 cup of powered peanut butter(PB2)

1.5 tbs baking powder

1 large banana

1 cup of mango puree

2 tbs of agave syrup

4 pockets of stevia in the raw

egg whites


Mix all dry ingredients in the separate bowl and set aside

Beat egg whites stiff and set aside as well, combine egg yolk, peanut butter, agave syrup , and yogurt and mix with hand mixer until smooth and creamy, add mango and mushed banana, and blend together.Add dry ingredients, blend until smooth, fold in egg whites and mix in gently.

Bake in 350 degrees until the top cracks and inserted toothpick comes out dry.

Nutrition information:

It serves 10 servings, enjoy!

Total: calories1427 carbs183 fat  49 protein   72
Per Serving: calories143 carbs18 fat    5 protein     7

ready to get in the oven!!!!




The Properties Of Your Favorite Healthy Foods

We thought this was a fun way to take a break to learn more about some of your favorite healthy foods. We had no idea Avocados are 81% water or that pomegranates had 17g of sugar! Sometimes you have to keep in mind that healthy foods may not always appear to be healthy and that junk foods might not always look like junk. You should really know not just the calories, fats and sugars but also the nutrition that each item brings to your table. (literally)

Search here to figure out what’s in your food!


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Healthy Foods That Won’t Bust Your Bank Account

Eating healthy can be overwhelming simply due to the high prices on most foods with the “healthy” label.  Well we want all of you to know that you don’t have to go broke to eat healthy.  Here are some very versatile foods that are packed with great nutrition.

1. Non-Fat, Plain Greek Yogurt – It’s only $1 per 6 ounce container. If you don’t really like the plain yogurt flavor, Click Here for some tips from Karina on how to add nutrition and sweeten it up a bit.

2. Whole Grain Pasta – Less than $2.50 per pound, and that’s a lot of pasta. The whole grain adds more fiber and protein to your meals and 1lbs can feed anywhere from 4-6 people.

3. Bananas – On average bananas run for about $0.39 a piece. A medium banana has about 100 calories, 3 grams of fiber as well as potassium and vitamin B6.  It’s a great snack on its own or you can add it to your cereal or oatmeal in the morning for a boost of energy and nutrition.

4. Frozen Peas- A measly $2.19 per pound and you don’t have to worry about them going bad and they are loaded with the good stuff. Peas are nutrient-rich legumes. One cup has 6 grams of fiber, 7 grams of protein and more than half a days worth of vitamin A — all for only 100 calories.

5. Eggs - $2-3 per dozen Eggs are not only a terrific source of protein; they also contain omega-3 fats and vitamin B-12 for energy production. And no, they’re not just for breakfast:

More Cheap Healthy Foods Here. 

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Beat The Fast Food Cravings

No matter how much you get used to eating healthy and how dedicated you are, you will have cravings.  They may be sweet or they may be salty, but they will definitely be there, tempting you to cheat. Every now and then it’s ok to step outside of your diet but it’s best if you can do it without really breaking your healthy eating rules. Here is one recipe you can use the next time you get blindsided by the craving for a burger and fries.  We found this recipe on the Oxygen Magazine website.

Turkey Burger and Sweet Potato Chips

Ready in 30 minutes • Makes 2 servings 


  • Non-stick olive oil spray
  • 1 medium sweet potato, sliced thinly (1/8″ thick slices)
  • Sea salt, to taste (optional)
  • 8 oz lean ground turkey
  • ¼ cup salsa, divided
  • 4 slices tomato
  • 2 Romaine lettuce leaves
  • 2 whole-grain, thin burger buns, toasted


  1. Preheat oven to 400°F. Lightly spray a baking sheet with olive oil spray. Spread sweet potato slices on baking sheet and lightly sprinkle with sea salt, if desired. Bake 20 to 25 minutes until cooked through, stirring once halfway through.
  2. Meanwhile, lightly spray a large sauté pan with olive oil spray. Mix ground turkey with 2 tablespoons of salsa, divide in half and form each half into a patty. Cook patties over medium-high heat until lightly browned on one side (approximately 4 minutes). Flip burgers over and continue cooking until done, approximately 3 more minutes.
  3. On half of each bun, place a lettuce leaf and 2 tomato slices; place burgers on the opposite bun and top with remaining salsa (1 tablespoon each). Place lettuce and tomato side on top of burger and salsa and serve immediately with the sweet potato chips.

Nutrients per serving:

Calories: 353, Total Fats: 11 g, Saturated Fat: 3 g, Trans Fat: 0 g, Cholesterol: 0 mg, Sodium: 150 mg, Total Carbohydrates: 41 g, Dietary Fiber: 8 g, Sugars: 9 g, Protein: 27 g, Iron, 2 mg


3 Ways Your Diet Is Making You Gain

You have been taking your fitness and healthy eating pretty seriously for quite some time now.  You have probably read every rule and tip on weight loss and nutrition you could find yet, for some reason, you aren’t losing any weight.  Even worse than that, you think the numbers on the scale are slightly going up…  Some of the weight loss commandments you have been following may not be doing you any good at all.  Here are five ways your rules are sabotaging your weight loss.

1. You are skimping on calories during the day to save for your big intake at dinner. You have to cut calories to lose weight, this much is true, but cutting them out during the day may not be your best option.  This technique releases your hunger hormones all day and can throw off your blood sugar to increase cravings.  By the time you get to the dinner table you are ready to eat anything and everything in sight.  Make breakfast your big meal and then try to stay satisfied throughout the day.

2. You have been grazing when you feel hungry instead of sticking to a regular schedule.  Eating smaller meals more often is a sound idea but don’t let your hunger make the decision for you.  Figure out how often you need to eat and when the best times are and stick to a schedule.  Your body will train itself to start burning calories around those times and you will save more over all.  it’s also easier to stick to a plan than just simply eating when you’re hungry.

3. You are assuming that healthy food is low on calories. People tend to eat more of healthy foods even though they contain just as many if not more calories than some junk foods.  You need to keep track of calories overall because whether they are healthy or not they will make you gain weight if you aren’t balancing your intake.

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