New Year – New Start – New Goals –

Wow…2012 is already 16 days deep…UNREAL! I don’t know about you but I am super stoked for ALL that is in store for the next 12 months…As most of you know I am in a little bit of a competition with Chunk, Big House, and Big “S”…well, apparently somewhere between the holiday parties, the vodka tonics, cookies, carb loaded foods, Christmas, and New Years I failed to keep you all updated on our progress…if you call it that?!

Being that I am fairly disappointed in myself with my eating habits the past month. Yes, that is right I am CALLING MYSELF OUT and I am asking YOU to keep me accountable…ya Digg? As of New Year’s Day I was up 4 lbs from the start of the competition! Having said that I am ON my SHOW MODE DIET and weight will be falling off! Lucky for me I was able to get workouts in and stay fairly lean for gaining weight…body fat is probably still around 9.5%

Here is the GOAL AGAIN BUT BETTER              

I am def in the mood for a killer month as I just kicked off the opening of Chi-Town Boot Camps Woodstock two weeks ago and already have 15 members with a goal of 35 by February 15th!  If you are in that area and want a killer workout, nutrition, and cardio….check us out! We have found our home at 110 Irving Ave Unit B (Behind ACE Hardware) and hold boot camp Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday at 5am, 6am, 9am and 7pm (5:30pm Friday)! Saturday at 8am and 9am! We have some absolute Rock Stars already and excited to grow the family!


Now, the competition! I have to say I am impressed with the boys…they have kept to the plan and as much as the holidays derailed some progress they are back on their A game and ready to rock and roll. So, I am just going to go ahead and quote them from their past messages!


“Good to hear from you guys I was hoping no one quit. Week 5 was a really good week. Haven’t really compared photos from beginning but I am definitely getting stronger.  The  holiday temptations are over after we take our last trip back to Woodstock. Week 6 was a little tougher as I got an infection in my knee! The knee is on the mend but not quite 100% yet. Friday was not better as I  woke up with a wonderful case of stomach flu or food poisoning. That too is about gone today.  Weight is back down to 156 today but was up to 158 late last week. I am ready to crush these next weeks so be ready boys cuz The Big House is coming!”

Neck 14.75
Chest 36
Belly 30
Waist 30.5
Hips 37
Bi 11.5
Tri 10.75
Quad 19.75
Calf 15

BIG “S” – “Hey boys, Sorry I did not get an email out last week, I was slammed at work.  I was in the same boat as you guys ( looked a lot like Chunk’s pic). I got back in the swing and this week and I should be able to rock the last 6 weeks. I got pumped up last night because when we started this program I could only do 3 pull-ups ( yes I was able to do 15 in high school) and now I can knock out 8 with no floor help. Small victories!!!  I hope all is well. Been chugging along week by week and my weight this morning is 219. I got slowed down last week with a back problem, but should be back to normal this week. I don’t have measurements yet because I was home alone all weekend. All us married guys should know how rare that is. Anyhoo have a good week Great Game Packers and GO GIANTS!!!”

Neck-15 1/4″
Bicep- 16.1/4″
Thighs-24 “

CHUNK -”Sorry fellas, been getting my sh*t handed to me at work.  Onlyable to get in about 3 days this a week, but should be able to get some quality time in the rest of this week and next! I have a couple questions for our Sensai-
1. Steam rooms after a workout – good, bad, indifferent? 2. Coffee – same? I attached my most recent picture for you to get a little extra motivation!”

Weight:  215

Neck 17.5
Chest 44
Bicepts 15.5
Belly 39.5
Hips 42.5
Thighs 23
Calves 16.5

MANIMAL HERE – Just wanted to touch on a few things before I post my progress as I flip the switch from relaxed eating to SHOW MODE – IN IT TO WIN IT MODE – BEAST MODE!

Chunk, I am a big fan of the dry sauna pre and post workout. I like the warming aspect of it before for a few minutes to get the blood flowing, sweat going, high body temp = high heart rate = more fat burn! It is a great way to loosen and stretch out the muscles you are about to break down. As far as after, it is a great relaxing way to end a great session. Helps release toxins from your blood and sweat out any excess water or sodium you might be holding. Some might even say it is a great to flush out that 1.75ml “Glass” of wine you guys always seem to have! I’m just sayin…lol! As for coffee…HELL YEAH! I am at Dunkin Donuts everyday getting my coffee to start my day! Just careful with the cream and sweetners…I prefer milk and sugar over all of them! Just not over kill…moderation. Too much of anything IS NOT good for you! Well…I can think of ONE thing we ALL agree on that there is always room for! I believe it fit into BIG “S” request for additional cardio sessions…lol! Ya dig?

Okay, now…BIG “S” you are in the area so you have an INVITE ON ME to take My Chi-Town Boot Camps Woodstock sessions! I better see you there Mon-Tues-Thur-Fri 5am, 6am, 9am, and 7pm! Saturdays at 8am and 9am. I plan on seeing BIG HOUSE there too when he is in town! Big Boyd started up just 13 days ago and as of today he is down 10lbs, my cousin lost 6lbs the first week, and my sister lost 3lbs and probably more this week…so why don’t you come and GET SOME!

Now that I have that out of the way I will drop a little bit of my progress on YOU!

Weight – 202 lbs
Neck – 16”
Chest – 45”
Bicep – 17.5”
Forearm – 13.25”
Waist – 32”
Belly – 33”
Hips – 39”
Thigh – 23.5”
Calves – 15”

Yes, I am about the same as last time I posted measurements! I will give the resason for it as this “YOU CAN NOT OUT TRAIN A BAD DIET!” Truth, I feel like I need to pick it up and do some work these next weeks ahead. Not only am I in a competition with these guys, but I will be doing the Gladiator Assault Challenge on 3/31 and then taking stage in the WBFF to go after my PRO CARD on April 14th! Only thing left to say is….I’m GONNA GET SOME!











SEXY BEAST OUT – For Real I am headed to Cali on Thursday so time to soak up the sun!

How To Get Your Metabolism Moving Part: 2

The only way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you are consuming.  Believe it or not, you burn most of your calories outside of the gym.  Your metabolism is working full time to convert your food in to what the body needs.  We decided to share a few tips on how to get your metabolism working overtime to help all of you lose the extra weight.  If you missed part 1 of this post Click Here.

Get rid of the extra weight. When food is broken down into fat the process burns calories just by digesting it. If you are consuming dietary fat, it doesn’t need to be broken down and can be sent directly to storage(your gut, your thighs, your butt). Pay attention to the food labels and make sure your body is getting the good fats that it needs.

Get your body moving before and after meals to get your metabolism going. You can do this by going for a brisk walk before and after you eat. You can also get the same results in 90 seconds or less. Do a few explosive motions like pushups or resistance band workouts and it will get your metabolism going as well as signal your body to build muscle instead of store fat.

Eat more to burn more. Just because we are used to 3 bigger meals a day doesn’t mean that’s what works best for our bodies. If you add some snacks in between meals it will help to keep your metabolism working throughout the day. It will also help control how much you eat at meal time.

Work out to speed it up. Increasing your physical activity will increase your physical metabolic rate. The best way to do this is by using intervals of exercise intensity during your workout time. Go as hard as you can for a minute and then slow down to a moderate pace for two and repeat up to ten times.

Stay hydrated. Your body is made up of mostly water and it needs a good amount of H2O to run efficiently. There are several recommendations for how much water a person needs throughout the day the best thing to do is just keep a glass of water or a water bottle with you at all times. This will keep your body and more importantly your metabolism running like a dream all day long.

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How To Get Your Metabolism Moving Part: 1

So everyone knows that you need to speed up your metabolism to lose weight. But what does your metabolism really do?

Your Resting Metabolic Rate is the amount of energy your body needs to perform its basic functions. These are the very basic functions like breathing, and your heart beating. So it is how much energy it would take for you to do absolutely nothing all day. This actually accounts for about about 75% of your daily needed calories.

Did you know that digesting your food actually burns calories? This is called the Thermic Effect of Food (TEF). Your body burns about 10% of the calories you consume just by digesting it. If you eat 2000 calories a day, you burn 200 just breaking it down inside your body.

Remember not everyone’s metabolism is the same. Everyone knows someone, and secretly despises them, that can eat anything and never gain an ounce. Some people need to count calories and measure proportions just to keep from gaining the extra pounds. You will have to adjust your diet and workout plan to adjust for your body’s metabolism.

Don’t worry, you aren’t stuck with a slow metabolism. There are several ways to rev it up.

The more muscle and the less fat you have the higher your Resting Metabolic Rate will be. It takes energy/ calories just to maintain muscle so the more you have the more energy you need and the more calories you burn. Fat on the other hand is stored energy and doesn’t do anything to help your metabolism.

Adding some spice to your life can help to speed up your metabolism. Spicy food will actually increase your heart rate which will jump start your RMR. Some studies also show that spicy food helps to suppress your appetite. So spicy food can help you eat less and burn more calories, pass me a bottle of Tabasco!

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