Algonquin Personal Trainer – Signs Your Thyroid May Be Underactive

Struggling to lose weight?

Does it seem like no matter how hard you diet, you still cannot see the progress you’re hoping for?

If so, it might be time to consider whether or not there is more at play than just the diet and workout program you’re using. While in most cases all it takes to get seeing results again is a few simple changes to the workout and diet you’re using, but in other cases, that isn’t enough.

If your thyroid gland isn’t functioning optimally, this can have a significant influence on the results that you see.

Your thyroid gland is responsible for helping you sustain a higher metabolic rate and burn off sufficient calories daily. If it’s running slowly, this means that your overall calorie burn will be that much lower, meaning you’ll either have to diet harder to lose weight or weight loss will not occur at all.

By resolving this issue, you might just get yourself right back on track with where you need to be.

Let’s look at a few of the clear signs that a thyroid issue may be at play and what you can do to get it back on track again.

Signs Of A Slow Thyroid Gland

Apart from the lack of weight loss results you’re seeing, there are a few important signs to watch out for that could indicate that you have a sluggish thyroid gland.

The first is a high level of fatigue. If you feel as though you’re tired almost all the time, this is very indicative of an underactive thyroid. Even on nights when you do get a good sleep, if you wake up with little desire to go about your day (and you’ve ruled out depression), you should be taking a look at your thyroid function.

Another clear sign is insensitivity to cold. Find that no matter what you do, you just can’t stay warm? Again, your thyroid may be to blame.

Those who have underactive thyroid will notice that they are cold all the time – even when others are warm. And when others are cold, for them, it’s almost unbearable.

Finally, lacklustre hair and brittle nails are another sign that your thyroid may not be functioning as well as it should.

Fixing The Problem

So what can you do if you feel like this problem may be impacting you?

The first thing to do is see the doctor. A simple blood test can confirm whether or not this is an issue for you and then if it is, your doctor will likely prescribe you some medication to take care of it.

Another important thing to do is make sure that you are eating enough carbohydrates in your diet. Lack of carbohydrates can also cause issues with thyroid function, so if you’ve been low carb dieting forever, it may be time to give yourself a brief break.

That may just get weight loss moving along again.

So keep these few points in mind. Make sure that you aren’t overlooking the influence that your thyroid gland has over your body and are taking steps to ensure it’s running optimally.

More Butternut Squash!!!!

Since last week I discovered Butternut squash, I decided to try more recipes with it.

Last time when I cooked the soup I roasted the rest of the butternut squash and it turned out great, so this time I decided to make the whole dish out of it.

you will need:

2 cups of squash

1 red pepper

1 green pepper

1 Leak

1lbs of chicken tenderloins

Spices to taste


Chop all the vegetables in same size cubes(about 1 inch squares), spray baking dish with Pam , set all the veggies in the dish , sprinkle with some garlic salt and roast them at 370 for about 30-40 minutes(until tender).As the vegetables roast, rub some spices on chicken tenderloins ( I like the Cajun spice )and grill on the Gorge Foreman grill until ready.

Set the meat aside, and mix with vegetables when they are ready.

Leave in the oven for another 5 minutes, for flavors to combine.


You can serve it with the side of hummus, or with a splash of low sugar barbeque sauce.





The soup that kicked my butt!!!!

Hey, actually that was peeling a butternut squash, that kicked my butt.

Friday was the first time I peeled butternut squash and didn’t realize that it is so hard to do.

If you have an easy way to do that, please let me know, I would really appreciate it.!!!!!!!!

After the squash was peeled and the soup cooked, it turned out delicious, so I want to do it again, but with less butt kicking:)

OK so my soup was, Rachel Ray inspired, I think she is a wonderful Cook, and I am going to try some of her recipes , but make them healthier.

Actually in this recipe, she used butter, flower and milk  , but I decided to use almond milk instead and it worked great.

Her show was just on when I was doing my cardio on the stair master, and since I always look for new inspirations for cooking, of course my attention was drawn to the recipe.

I didn’t have a chance to write it up, so I tried to memorize all the ingredients. Unfortunately at the end of the workout I didn’t remember it all, so I decided to experiment with what I did.

Here is, what was on my memory list:  Butternut squash,Red onion,Leak,carrots,parsnip ,bay leaf ,oregano,black pepper,chicken stock.

I didn’t remember the quantities,so here is what I used

1/2 of large butternut squash(peeled and cubed)

1 large leak

2 medium carrots

1 large parsnip

1/2 large red onion

5 garlic cloves

2 tablespoons of chicken bullion

1 teaspoon of black pepper

1 teaspoon of Tuscan spice( I didn’t have oregano)

5 bay leaves

1/2 cup of almond milk

After chopping up all the vegetables, I put them in the pan and covered with water and got into a boil, added spices , bullion and garlic(pressed) ,  reduced the heat and let it cook until the vegetables got soft. At the end of cooking I added 1/2 of almond milk and let it cook for another 5-10 minutes.

This soup was a success in my eyes, I didn’t even ask Jamie to grade it, I liked it so much.

The good thing was that I didn’t waste the rest of the squash,  I roasted it in the oven in the casserole dish sprayed with Pam, I used a little of garlic salt to taste.

Baked it at 350 for about 30 minutes.Turned out great as well, making a great side dish next day.

Give it a try , and please let me know how you liked it.

PS. Please share with me the easy way of peeling the butternut squash!!!!





How about breakfast for dinner?!

Just yesterday night I came home after full day of work and I was totally unprepared for dinner.

for my defense, I feel like I am still catching up after the traveling to Kansas and snowboarding trip out west,so I haven’t really done a good grocery shopping trip yet.

What I had in my fridge was: egg whites in the carton, spinach, pico de gallo, goat cheese and hummus.

I decided that omelet for a cold winter night sounds great.

It took me 10 minutes to do it.


3/4 cup egg whites

3 tbs pico de gallo

1 oz goat cheese

2 cups spinach



Wash spinach leaves, spray the pan with Pam, saute spinach until for 2-3 minutes add pico and set aside.

Pour the egg whites on the pan, let it cook until eggs became white(not clear) arrange the spinach over  the eggs, add goat cheese  and more pico if needed, fold on both sides and let it cook for another couple minutes.

Serve with the tablespoon of hummus on the side.


New Year – New Start – New Goals –

Wow…2012 is already 16 days deep…UNREAL! I don’t know about you but I am super stoked for ALL that is in store for the next 12 months…As most of you know I am in a little bit of a competition with Chunk, Big House, and Big “S”…well, apparently somewhere between the holiday parties, the vodka tonics, cookies, carb loaded foods, Christmas, and New Years I failed to keep you all updated on our progress…if you call it that?!

Being that I am fairly disappointed in myself with my eating habits the past month. Yes, that is right I am CALLING MYSELF OUT and I am asking YOU to keep me accountable…ya Digg? As of New Year’s Day I was up 4 lbs from the start of the competition! Having said that I am ON my SHOW MODE DIET and weight will be falling off! Lucky for me I was able to get workouts in and stay fairly lean for gaining weight…body fat is probably still around 9.5%

Here is the GOAL AGAIN BUT BETTER              

I am def in the mood for a killer month as I just kicked off the opening of Chi-Town Boot Camps Woodstock two weeks ago and already have 15 members with a goal of 35 by February 15th!  If you are in that area and want a killer workout, nutrition, and cardio….check us out! We have found our home at 110 Irving Ave Unit B (Behind ACE Hardware) and hold boot camp Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday at 5am, 6am, 9am and 7pm (5:30pm Friday)! Saturday at 8am and 9am! We have some absolute Rock Stars already and excited to grow the family!


Now, the competition! I have to say I am impressed with the boys…they have kept to the plan and as much as the holidays derailed some progress they are back on their A game and ready to rock and roll. So, I am just going to go ahead and quote them from their past messages!


“Good to hear from you guys I was hoping no one quit. Week 5 was a really good week. Haven’t really compared photos from beginning but I am definitely getting stronger.  The  holiday temptations are over after we take our last trip back to Woodstock. Week 6 was a little tougher as I got an infection in my knee! The knee is on the mend but not quite 100% yet. Friday was not better as I  woke up with a wonderful case of stomach flu or food poisoning. That too is about gone today.  Weight is back down to 156 today but was up to 158 late last week. I am ready to crush these next weeks so be ready boys cuz The Big House is coming!”

Neck 14.75
Chest 36
Belly 30
Waist 30.5
Hips 37
Bi 11.5
Tri 10.75
Quad 19.75
Calf 15

BIG “S” – “Hey boys, Sorry I did not get an email out last week, I was slammed at work.  I was in the same boat as you guys ( looked a lot like Chunk’s pic). I got back in the swing and this week and I should be able to rock the last 6 weeks. I got pumped up last night because when we started this program I could only do 3 pull-ups ( yes I was able to do 15 in high school) and now I can knock out 8 with no floor help. Small victories!!!  I hope all is well. Been chugging along week by week and my weight this morning is 219. I got slowed down last week with a back problem, but should be back to normal this week. I don’t have measurements yet because I was home alone all weekend. All us married guys should know how rare that is. Anyhoo have a good week Great Game Packers and GO GIANTS!!!”

Neck-15 1/4″
Bicep- 16.1/4″
Thighs-24 “

CHUNK -”Sorry fellas, been getting my sh*t handed to me at work.  Onlyable to get in about 3 days this a week, but should be able to get some quality time in the rest of this week and next! I have a couple questions for our Sensai-
1. Steam rooms after a workout – good, bad, indifferent? 2. Coffee – same? I attached my most recent picture for you to get a little extra motivation!”

Weight:  215

Neck 17.5
Chest 44
Bicepts 15.5
Belly 39.5
Hips 42.5
Thighs 23
Calves 16.5

MANIMAL HERE – Just wanted to touch on a few things before I post my progress as I flip the switch from relaxed eating to SHOW MODE – IN IT TO WIN IT MODE – BEAST MODE!

Chunk, I am a big fan of the dry sauna pre and post workout. I like the warming aspect of it before for a few minutes to get the blood flowing, sweat going, high body temp = high heart rate = more fat burn! It is a great way to loosen and stretch out the muscles you are about to break down. As far as after, it is a great relaxing way to end a great session. Helps release toxins from your blood and sweat out any excess water or sodium you might be holding. Some might even say it is a great to flush out that 1.75ml “Glass” of wine you guys always seem to have! I’m just sayin…lol! As for coffee…HELL YEAH! I am at Dunkin Donuts everyday getting my coffee to start my day! Just careful with the cream and sweetners…I prefer milk and sugar over all of them! Just not over kill…moderation. Too much of anything IS NOT good for you! Well…I can think of ONE thing we ALL agree on that there is always room for! I believe it fit into BIG “S” request for additional cardio sessions…lol! Ya dig?

Okay, now…BIG “S” you are in the area so you have an INVITE ON ME to take My Chi-Town Boot Camps Woodstock sessions! I better see you there Mon-Tues-Thur-Fri 5am, 6am, 9am, and 7pm! Saturdays at 8am and 9am. I plan on seeing BIG HOUSE there too when he is in town! Big Boyd started up just 13 days ago and as of today he is down 10lbs, my cousin lost 6lbs the first week, and my sister lost 3lbs and probably more this week…so why don’t you come and GET SOME!

Now that I have that out of the way I will drop a little bit of my progress on YOU!

Weight – 202 lbs
Neck – 16”
Chest – 45”
Bicep – 17.5”
Forearm – 13.25”
Waist – 32”
Belly – 33”
Hips – 39”
Thigh – 23.5”
Calves – 15”

Yes, I am about the same as last time I posted measurements! I will give the resason for it as this “YOU CAN NOT OUT TRAIN A BAD DIET!” Truth, I feel like I need to pick it up and do some work these next weeks ahead. Not only am I in a competition with these guys, but I will be doing the Gladiator Assault Challenge on 3/31 and then taking stage in the WBFF to go after my PRO CARD on April 14th! Only thing left to say is….I’m GONNA GET SOME!











SEXY BEAST OUT – For Real I am headed to Cali on Thursday so time to soak up the sun!

Crispy chicken

A lot of you are asking me for recipes for chicken that are a little more interesting than just grilled chicken. I am personally not a huge fan of breaded chicken breast, but Jamie enjoyed this one, so I decided to share it with you. Here are the ingredients: 3 egg whites 1lbs of chicken tenders 1 cup of rolled oats 1cup of oat bran 1tsp of your favorite seasoning Preparation: Put oats and oat bran in a container,in a separate container whisk egg whites with the fork, add the seasoning , dip chicken tenders in it one at the time  and place them in the container with oats and roll them in. Spray the baking sheet with Pam, preheat the oven to 380 degrees, bake until fully cooked .   Sweet potato fries: Ingredients: 1 big sweet potato, or 2 medium ones 1 tbs of olive oil Cut sweet potato into 1/3 of an inch strips, place them in the container, add 1 tbs of olive oil, cover with lid and shake well. place on a baking sheet and bake until crispy. Allison, thanks for reminding me about safety rules for cooking!!! Here is the safe temperatures for cooking different type of food Remember wash your hands every time you prepare raw meat!!!!! Danger Zone graphic

40 Facts About Fitness (Infographic)

It’s a light work week for most of us and in the spirit of giving our brains and bodies a rest before we hit it hard in 2012, we decided that a quick simple post would be fitting. Here are a few good fitness facts, some of which we didn’t even know. We hope everyone had a great holiday and has an even better New Years!

Connect with us on Facebook or Twitter or leave a comment in the box below. Don’t forget to sign up for all of the extra Transformation Spot bonus material on the top of the page!

Droppin’ It Like It’s Hott!

What’s the good word people? Well, hopefully you had a killer weekend and are off to a great start to your week! I know I was productive today and am ready to crush this week and DOMINATE the DAY everyday that I can…as most of you know I have been in a challenge with three of my high school buddies and life long friends from Woodstock…well, here is an update of how they have been doing and what their thoughts are after week two!
A little idea of what kind of guys we are working with incase you missed the original blog:
1. Big House-High school standout WR and DB…All-Conference and a huge part of the success of the 1997 State Champion Woodstock Blue Streaks. He took his talents to Holland, Michigan for college where he played at HOPE College for a few seasons and then decidied to concentrate on his academics. He is currently happily married with a little one and still resides in Michigan. Big House is on the other side of this competition, he is looking to put on some more muscle and lean mass as he is built like a runner…lean and not much fat on this one!
2. Chunk- Captain of the football team, All-State QB to the State Championship Streaks as well as All-State Academic! Referred to back in the day as The Fat QB or The Ladies Man! This guy left the midwest upon graduation and attended University of San Diego. Played one year of football and then concentrated on studies. Post graduation he worked in San Francisco and was living the dream…now he is in Portland, Oregon working, golfing, married, dog, and a bun in the oven! Yeah, still living the dream! Apparently he is out doing the Truffle Shuffle somewhere because he was the only one that didn’t send me his updates!
3. The Big “S” – Another one of the Stallions on the State Team! All-Conf and regarded as the best technition on the O-Line! He was just 175 but manged to take care of the 320 lb and 350 lb gorillas on the other side of the line during the title game! After graduation he left of school…I think it started at SIU-Carbondale where he attended class like a Rockstar for the the first week! He then met this girl name Stella Artois and that was all she wrote! He made his way to Bloomington-Normal where he spent the better part of the decade situating himself for his final year at Eureka College (Yes, the home of Ronald Reagan) where he set a record for the oldest collegiate baseball player that year…lol! He is currently living in Lake in the Hills, IL and has great family started! He is happily married and the current regular season champion of our fantasy football league WOODSTOCK LEGENDS!!!
4. The Manimal – That would be me! If you don’t know much about me…sorry about it! Just playing, just click on the ABOUT US TAB and read there…lol!

Okay, here it goes…I hope you enjoy and I look forward to hearing from you all and catching up this week! GET SOME!
Manimal/Sexy Beast
Weight – 206.5lbs
Neck – 16”
Chest – 45”
Bicep – 17.5”
Forearm – 13.25”
Waist – 35”
Belly – 35”
Hips – 39”
Thigh – 23.5”
Calves – 15”
After 2 Weeks
Weight – 201.5lbs
Neck – 16”
Chest – 45”
Bicep – 17.5”
Forearm – 13.25”
Waist – 32”
Belly – 33”
Hips – 39”
Thigh – 23.5”
Calves – 15”

Well, I have to say this week was NOT easy! I have been seeing more cookies and sweets that I know what to do with all the temptation…lol! Regardless, I managed to maintain last week and drop a little more…nothing drastic, but feel like I didn’t regress too far and still pretty sure I can whoop all these fools in this competition (Yes that was me talking shit and issuing a challenging….come get you some!)

Friday was the toughest day of all…I was up at 3am for Boot Camp in Schaumburg and then headed back to Premier for a day of training and prepping for the Premier Holiday Party! Let’s just say it was another great party and the waitress was bringing me my Grey Goose and Cran 4 at a time ALL NIGHT! Yeah, it was good times. I believe the night was a wash…I chose to forego the food and had booze instead…I also threw out my moves like Jaegar and probably a little Chip n Dale too…I’m just saying, Manimal has skills!Other than falling off the wagon and then getting run over by it…I am feeling solid. I am ready to go and have a feeling this is going to be a bad ass week.So, here is it…Chunk, Big House, and Big “S” we are in week 3…things should start to get better, nutrition gets easier, and I better see those numbers go in the right direction…get after it.
Sexy & I know It
Big House
Start Date
Weight – 155lbs
Neck – 15.5”
Chest – 37”
Biceps – 12”
Forearms – 11.25”
Waist – 31.5”
Belly – 31.5”
Hips – 37”
Thighs – 20.25”
Calves – 14.75”
After 2 Weeks
Weight – 154 
Neck -14.25       
Chest -37   
Belly -30             
Waist -30.25
Hips -37.25
Bicep -11.5
Forearm -10.75  
Thighs -20.25     
Calves -15           


Another week down and I am still chugging along.  My wife and I don’t typically go on date nights, however, this weekend both our daycare and the YMCA offered date nights.  I started losing weight this spring and I don’t go all crazy like CHUNK at restaurants! I cannot say I eat any solid protein and/or vegetables either…sorry, not my thing!  I have found that I am kicking ass at breakfast and lunch, but I am like a kid in a candy store at dinner and of course the weekends. I am feeling rejuvenated and ready to take this week by the…you fill in the blank!  Oh yeah, these upper body workouts seem tough but I am getting through them pretty smooth, however, the lower body are about as much fun as a kick in the junk!  If you notice my measurements might be a little off…I did switch to a fabric tape measure instead of a hobo shoelace to tape measure. Here is to another week gentlemen… I’ll be back in town the second weekend in January so hopefully we can meet up and compare abs…

The Big “S”

Start Date
Weight 233 lbs
Chest 44.5″
Neck -15.75″
Biceps -16.5″
Forearms – 13″
Waist – 39.5″
Belly – 42.5″
Hips – 45″
Thighs -26″
  Cows -17.25″ 
After 2 Weeks
Chest 44    
                   Neck-15 .25″                 
Bicep- 16″  

This week was interesting to say the least… I had date night on Saturday and just like Chunk, my wife made me have pizza. Not only that, she made me drink vodka tonics ALL NIGHT! It was awful; I hope you all don’t have to go through this too…sigh!  I know my weight would have been below 220 if I didn’t party on Saturday night…I will be back…watch out! The rest of the week went well and I catch myself not eating as much as I should sometimes. Work will get crazy busy and I will be rushing around all day and forget to eat. I think this week and next week are going to be super hard with all the Christmas cookies and egg nog.  Not to mention my beautiful wife will probably make me eat pizza and drink more of those awful drinks…wish me luck and Merry Christmas Guys!!! -Big S

PS Check out how great my wife was this weekend…. …I laugh…I joke…I kid…I kid! Lol…


Well, I hope you enjoyed the pictures, cartoons, and happenings of all our weeks! Have a kick ass day and don’t forget to…………


Premier’s Body Transformation Challenge Champion Is….

Hey Y’all…if you are here, chances are you got my e-mail a few minutes ago. I will try NOT to beat around the bush too much and get right down to the nitty gritty!

As I mentioned we had 3 young ladies that had great transformations and have been chosen for our Cut & Color Prizes! Congratulations Ladies…take a look at their 6 week changes!


Tracy Zobott

Dropped 20.4 lbs in just 6 Weeks!

Awesome Job Tracy!

Cindy Verity

Dropped 16 lbs in 6 Weeks!

She has dropped over 40 lbs in just over 4 months!

Renee Solger

Dropped 11.6 lbs in 6 Weeks!

Renee lost 39.2 lbs in just 4 months!

Yeah Buddy…Kickin Bootae!

As you can see from these 3 individuals above, they killed it! Here is the kicker…they were in out Premier Boot Camp Challenge leading up to this competition and had already lost about 60 lbs collectively!!! Pretty Awesome!!!

The following member has been a huge transformation…he started with us in our Premier Boot Camp Challenge

(FYI… HE WON with a  DOMINATING Performance!)

He is down in the 210′s and Rocking it out. Yes, that is OVER 70 lbs in just four months! Take a peek…

Jim Binning

Lost 37.6 lbs in Just 6 Weeks!

Keep Crushing It Jim!!!

Okay, well….here it is, I won’t take anymore of your time!!!






















CHRIS NOBLE!!! Congrats Chris…the combination of your weight loss, body fat percentage dropped, inches lost, before and after picture, and ABOVE ALL YOUR motivation and dedication!!!! Congrats and KEEP IT GOING!!! Take a look at our WINNER!!!




Chris Noble

Dropped 20 lbs in just 6 Weeks

Lost over 10% Body Fat

Feels better than ever and he is just warming up, the journey kicks off NOW!

Dominate the Day


Hey Yoooooou Guuuuuuuuys!

I’m back and as promised I have a little more about this competition I am in with three of my oldest friends from Woodstock! It is funny that we are in a competition like this being that we were all teammates on the best high school football team to take the field in all of the Northwest Suburbs…I’m just sayin’!

Yeah, the good ole’ days when we ate McDonald’s and whatever junk we wanted too and relied on youth and great metabolism…where has the time gone? All I know is I am excited to see these guys pack on some muscle, drop a little fat (okay, a lot of fat), and above all get the energy they had back in high school back.

Before I lay the measurements on you, I want to give you all a little background of the crew…

I am debating between MANIMAL and SEXY BEAST (at request of some of our clients at Premier) – I think I like SEXY BEAST better…thoughts? Anyways, if you are reading this you have probably been on my Facebook page or worked out with me at the gym. I would love to sit here and tell you all this exciting stuff, but most of you know my day-to-day operations and what has been going on in my life. Overall, I have to say I am blessed to have great family, friends, business partners, career, and health! I can honestly say I LOVE MY JOB and I wouldn’t change a thing.


CHUNK – Well, this guy is hands down the best quarterback to ever come out of the McHenry County! Not only was he an All-State athlete he was an All-State Academic member too. Yeah, some guys get it all…Brains, Beauty, and Brawn! After a great high school career he took his talents to San Diego for undergrad and eventually landed a killer gig out in San Francisco! Living the dream this guy…fun – sun – money – and what else? You got it…GOLF!!! Lol…after years of searching for his Mrs. Right he found her and was able to use his fishing skills to reel her in  and keep her on the line. Great catch bro, she is a keeper for sure. I am happy to say I was there in Astoria, Oregon to stand in the wedding. So, he is currently in Portland, Oregon with his lovely wife and enjoying GOLF and of course some work when time permits. I will fill you in on him more over the next 12 weeks…stay tuned!

BIG HOUSE – He gets the award for the friend I have visited in the hospital most. BH was also a stand out football player on the dominant state championship team. He was CHUNK’S possession man and go to man in a crunch! It was not uncommon to see him Streaking down the sideline with defensive backs chasing him into the zone for 6! Yeah buddy…kid has skills. Post high school he ventured to Holland, Michigan to play college football and to get a degree. Since that time, he has managed to find himself a wife and make a beautiful baby….YEAH BUDDY! Great work…I have seen the pictures.

BIG “S” – The Professional Student. Yes, this guy is a modern day Van Wilder. I know we graduated in 1998 together and when I went back for my masters in 2006 he was my roommate. Yeah, you heard that right he was still at school, working full time, and living the dream. He even managed to play college baseball in 2007….yes, they referred to him as “Dad.” Regardless, I can say he probably had more fun in college than any of us and had more experiences that all of us combined. He has remained one of my closest friends and has always been there to help when I need him. He currently has a killer job, a wonderful wife, and beautiful baby girl! Oh, and a kick ass fantasy football team that SHOCKED us all and won the regular season championship last week. LUCKY SOB!

Okay, now you know who these guys are and somewhat about them…now you get to know what their bodies are looking like to start this competition! So Here it goes…

The Big “S”
Weight – 233 lbs

Neck -15.75″
Chest -44.5″
Biceps -16.5″
Forearms – 13″
Waist – 39.5″
Belly – 42.5″
Hips – 45″
Thighs -26″
Cows -17.25″


Weight – 216.4lbs

Neck – 17.5”

Chest – 44”

Biceps -15.5”

Forearms – 12”

Waist – 38.5”

Belly – 41”

Hips – 43.5”

Thighs – 23”

Calves – 16.5”

Big House

Weight – 155lbs

Neck – 15.5”
Chest – 37”
Biceps – 12”
Forearms – 11.25”
Waist – 31.5”
Belly – 31.5”
Hips – 37”
Thighs – 20.25”
Calves – 14.75”

Manimal/Sexy Beast

Weight – 206.5lbs

Neck – 16”

Chest – 45”

Bicep – 17.5”

Forearm – 13.25”

Waist – 35”

Belly – 35”

Hips – 39”

Thigh – 23.5”

Calves – 15”

So…I think that is enough to think about for the day…I am working on pictures now so I hope you are all enjoying what we are doing here at this point! It is going to get better…weight is going to drop, fat is going to melt off, and ABS will be popping…yeah Buddy! Until next time…Dominate The Day

Kastning OUT

PS Share this with a friend and be sure to leave a comment.

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