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Hey, Craig here and I am BACK! I am back to share my health, fitness, and sport advice, opinions, and expertise with YOU. I will also be running little competitions, challenges, and giveaways,

Before I go any further, I want to update you all on the past competition we were running with my three friends from high school! The contestants were Chunk, Big House, and Big “S”. If you scroll back through the posts you will see the updates. It was actually going really well in the beginning and we were all doing great…however, then life happened for the majority of the crew! Between sickness, new work loads, babies, and babies on board. Having said that, there was one of the crew that stayed the course and continues to ROCK it today! The winner of the Weightloss/Muscle Build challenge goes to BIG HOUSE!

If you remember correctly he was the one that had the least amount of weight to lose and was more interested in gaining muscle. Well he lost the weight he needed to and has since bumped his muscle mass up and is doing AWESOME! Great job Brother.


First of all this is how it will work…I am going to post a question or challenge and You need to do the following two things 1. Post your response on the comments at the end of this BLOG 2. Link this blog to your Facebook Page with the same answer! Sound fair? Good. The winner of this week will receiver one of our PREMIER ROCKSTAR shirts that look simply AWESOME!

We are in search of the healthy, tasty, and just flat out GREAT RECIPES. Please provide us with a healthy option recipe that will have us saying “That sounds amazing, lets eat!” The person that submits the best recipe will receive the winning prize. Remember it needs to be healthy, tasty, and have us ready to eat! Best of Luck and I look forward to your responses!

I will be back throughout the week to update you ALL and share new and exciting news around the gyms and to lay down some solid health and fitness information with you. Until then, I hope you have a wonderful weekend and hope to see some great recipes when I check back.

I have some more work to do, some Cary Personal Trainer to train, and if any of you are in the area and want to see some solid football…I play this Friday night in Round Lake. I am playing for the Lake Shore Lynx (3-0) and we will be facing our toughest competition yet in the Lake County Cowboys (3-0). If you are interested be sure to let me know and I would love to see you there!

It is good to be back and remember to MAKE IT A GREAT DAY!

Kastning Out

How To Make Greek Yogurt Taste Better

We have heard a lot of people complain about the taste of plain greek yogurt so Karina was kind enough to offer up a healthy and tasty solution. There are plenty of flavored varieties of greek yogurt out there but, unfortunately, they usually come with a good amount of added sugar.  Here’s a great way to add some flavor without adding all the bad extras.

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Get An Extra Workout In The Office

Here are some ways to escape your desk and burn some extra calories!

Moving Meetings

Instead of booking a conference room ask your colleagues to discuss current issues over a walk.  This is easier to do with informal topics like brainstorming, even a slow pace walk burns 10x more calories than just sitting.

Use Your Feet

Stand up during phone calls and while typing.  You may have to get creative with some of your office furniture, but it is definitely worth it.

Find A Fitness Friend

Find a coworker with similar fitness goals that will help deter you from fast food snack attacks and lazy lunches.  You can have a friendly competition to see who walks the most or gets the most exercise in a week to help motivate each other.

Control What You Eat

Calories add up quickly if you go out to lunch every day.  Plan out your meals so that your lunch has exactly what you need.  You can still go out for lunch and socialize with your coworkers. Eat your lunch while you are working before or after you take your actual lunch break.  This will also help you eat slower and feel full faster.  Read More.



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