The Best Thing In The World For Your Health

Can you guess what the healthiest thing in the world is?

It’s not a miracle plant or some new kind of supplement. It’s actually exercise! Making sure that you’re up and moving may seem like common sense but it’s harder to do for some people than it is for others. Check out this video below to learn about how many different ways that exercise can improve your health and your life.


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Hawaii workout


I am sorry I haven’t posted for a while, but the wedding preparation and honeymoon did consume most of my time. I am back now, and ready to share with you lots of fun ideas, recipes and more.

My husband Jamie (that still sounds funny and new to me- that’s why I love saying that) worked out on our honeymoon as well as tried to eat healthy, with few cheat meals here and there.

It was pretty easy to stay healthy since there is a lot of fresh fish on their menus.

Our workouts consisted mostly of running and sprinting on the beach, some body weight workouts and Pilates in the sand( I was surprised to feel my shoulders sore after that), we were excited to spend most of our days outdoors involved in different activities, but unfortunately we couldn’t count snorkeling or zip lining as a workout.

I did a little workout for you guys in the middle of our hike to a “Blow Hole”, so I will attach at the bottom of this post.

Since we were staying in the little condo on the beach, having a kitchen allowed us to cook a little and have a healthy breakfast every day.

Here is what I ate every morning on our honeymoon.

“Apple- pear oatmeal”

½ a cup of rolled oats

One cup of apple-pear Sobi life water

½ cup of Greek plain 0% yogurt

1 pocket of stevia

¼ of teaspoon of cinnamon

Cook oatmeal and Sobi water in the microwave

Add stevia and cinnamon and Greek yogurt


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