How To Eat For Your Heart

We try to give you some good tips on how to eat healthy for fitness and weight loss but also for your overall health. Your heart is the engine that keeps your body going and you need to make sure you’re giving it all the love and attention it needs, starting with the right fuel. There is actually a lot more to eating heart healthy foods than avoiding bacon and salt. Here are a few really god tips.


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Healthy Foods That Actually Fill You Up!

One of the hardest parts of eating healthy is feeling hungry right after you eat. Many people have the problem of not loosing weight, even when on a healthy diet, because they still end up consuming too many calories. We find that the trick is to eat the right healthy foods that actually fill you up. This way you don’t end up feeling hungry and eating more than you need. Here’s a list of really good and healthy foods that will satisfy your hunger and control your appetite.


1. Greek Yogurt

2. Eggs

3. Whole Grains

4. Nut Butters (peanut,almond, cashew)

5. Oatmeal

6. Skim Milk

7. Cheese 

8. Apples

9. Berries

10. Nuts

11.Chick Peas

12. Green Tea

13. Dark Chocolate

14. Melon

15. Black Beans

Find more healthy and filling foods here 

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40 Facts About Fitness (Infographic)

It’s a light work week for most of us and in the spirit of giving our brains and bodies a rest before we hit it hard in 2012, we decided that a quick simple post would be fitting. Here are a few good fitness facts, some of which we didn’t even know. We hope everyone had a great holiday and has an even better New Years!

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Mushroom and Wild Rice

Hey, here is another recipe that I tried over the weekend. Jamie actually rated it A- , which is a big achievement.

Here is what you are going to need:








Mushrooms – Raw, 5 cup, pieces or slices







Peppers – Sweet, red, raw, 0.5 cup, chopped







Peppers – Sweet, green, raw, 0.5 cup, chopped







Celery – Raw, 1 cup chopped







Raw, One Medium Whole – Red Onion, 148 g







Generic – Chicken Tenders, 1 container (16 oz.s ea.)







Lundberg Wild Blend – Wild and Whole Grain Brown Rice, 0.3 cup dry







Almond Milk – Unsweetened Vanilla, 0.25 cup







Laughing Cow Light – Creamy Swiss Cheese, 2 wedges







Chicken Boulion Cube – Broth, 0.5 Cube (3.7g)







Serves 3 servings















Per Serving:










Wash all the vegetables and chop them up, set aside.

Cut chicken tenders into small pieces, spray pan with Pam and brown chicken on both sides, add 1 cup of mushrooms and cook until tender and fully cooked.

In a separate pan, cook rice in 2/3 cup of water with the chicken bouillon, after 10 minutes add all the veggies and cook under cover until water has evaporated.

In the small bowl mix almond milk and laughing cow cheese, microwave for 45 sec, and mix well. Add almond milk mixture to the vegetables, add chicken and cook under the cover for another 5-10 minutes.

If you are allergic to diary, just skip the cheese, and add only almond milk, it adds nice creaminess to the whole dish.


PS. It works great as a next day left over dish that you can take with to work.

Woodstock’s Finest Battling It Out!

Hey Ya’ll, I am sorry I have been leaving you all out in the cold on the weight loss competition I have Rocking with my Boys from Woodstock! Well, I had them each write a little blurb about their week so take a peek…some really good stuff!

We will go ahead and start it off with My boy CHUNK…he has already dropped a 1/2 inch on his belly and his weight is down to 215.5! Nice work, looks like the TRUFFLE SHUFFLE CARDIO is paying off…down 2 lbs.

 Here is what CHUNK had to say…
“I was so effing sore by the 4th workout it crushed my ability to get the recommended reps in.  I am feeling revived and ready to get after it again today…watch out BIG HOUSE and BIG “S” – CHUNK is coming for YOU!

P.S. Totally slipped my mind, but my preggers wife made me eat pizza this weekend!”

This moves us right along to BIG HOUSE who tipped the scales at 156 lbs, one pound up from last week! Most the times this is bad, however, he is on a different diet…lean and mean and a little more mass is his goal! Take a peek at what the Big Fella had to say:

“One week in and I feel like I am off to a slow start. Left for Vegas on Thursday morning and got back Sunday afternoon. squeezed in a workout thursday morning before take off. Actually did get up and run down the strip one morning, but other than that standard Vegas for 3 days. Still feeling some soreness from early week workouts and walking from casino to casino. Had lots of time on the plane to read and study the workouts and diets. Now bring on week two, and CHUNKY QB and Big as”S” you guys better be working!”

Big “S” has come to play…as he weighed in at 225 this week…yes, he is already down 8 lbs! Hell yeah brother, I love it. Take a look at what he had to say:

“When you dropped this on me last Sunday the first thing that went through my mind was I have no time to do this with work and the new baby. When I started looking at myself in the mirror I said Big “S” you got lazy, no more excuses. Basicly I want to look good naked. It is not easy to find time to do the workouts, but nothing worth doing is ever easy. My schedule every week is; work from 6:00am to 5:15 when I get home I watch my little princess from 5:15 till 8:00 when My Queen is done teaching violin lessons out of our house. I get my cardio by walking and running my dog Lola every night and she couldn’t be happier to help. I squeeze in the workouts on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I am sore, but it is a good burn. I am very curious to see if my calves or as you call them COWS will get smaller or bigger from working out and loosing weight. The diet part of the program was an ajustment. I seriously got hooked on sugar and candy bars for a quick pick me up during the afternoon. I can feel my body going through withdrawl, but it is all good. The one thing I have been teaching myself is to drink plenty of water and when it is getting late and I get hungry I drink a glass of water and GO TO BED. When I wake up I am no longer hungry. I am looking forward to wearing all the cloths I have bought and said I will fit in  when I drop the weight. By the way, you can let Chunky QB and Little House that the GIANT is awake and they are going down!”

Now, here is a little something from Yours Truly:

“Wow, back on the wagon to clean eating, insane workouts, and cutting my ROCKSTAR and MONSTER drinks cold turkey. I have had a few headaches every day due to NO caffeine, however, the massive amounts of water have been able to keep them to a minimum. I have been working out with a local high school athlete Timmy Mahoney so it is good to have a young energetic kid to go through this insanity with me. Yes, these workouts I am doing are no joke. Split days of Upper and Lower Body. I perform 1500 reps on lower body day and 1000 on upper body and mix in tababta training between each superset! BEGINNERS probably do NOT want to start here…I could barely move my arms or legs after the first two workouts so it is pretty intense. It will all be worth is when there is an 8 pack and lot so of lean shredded muscle come the end of this competition. I am truly enjoying the prep and the change and looking forward to changes these coming weeks. My weight was 203.5 lbs so I dropped 3 lbs and feel solid. Ready to crush the week and give these three guys a run for their money!”

Before I go, I also received this from one of the guys and chose to NOT post who wrote it, I encourage you all to comment and let me know who you think said it…I was laughing my ass off so I hope you like it too!

 ”Hey Craig, can you please ADD have “lots of crazy sex” to our workouts and resend the documents to us? I would like to post it on my fridge. I appreciate it!”

Is this classic or what? It is true a good healthy session can burn more calories than you thing…I’m just sayin’!

On that note, I am going to sign off and look forward to hearing what you all have to say! This has been a blast and I look forward to the weeks to come.

I will post pix in next post…enjoy and see you soon!

SB Manimal

12 Ways To Healthier Holidays

The CDC released a new video loaded with tips to help everyone stay healthy during the holiday season. Watch an absorb the health tips for the entire family.  What tricks do you have for making it through the holidays? Share in the comment box below or connect with us on  Facebook or  Twitter and don’t forget to sign up for all of The Transformation Spot bonus material at the top of the page!

What Will It Take To Burn Off Your Holiday Dinner? [Infographic]

It’s that time of year. You know, the time of year where it seems impossible to escape baked goods and supersized homemade meals that are almost completely made up of comfort food. The time of year where we stuf ourselves and then make a New Year’s resolution to work it all off. Well the problem is that we never really know how hard to work. Problem solved!  Check out this infographic to see how much the average person eats over the holidays and what it takes to work it off.

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The Science Of Guestimating

You can eat as healthy as you want but if you’re eating too much you are still going to gain weight. Portion control is one of the hardest aspects of a well rounded diet to stick to but it’s also one of the most important. That’s why we dug up a few easy ways to estimate your portions.

1. Meat – One serving of cooked meat is about 3oz. This is just about the size of a bar of soap. So when you are loading your plate, keep your favorite soap in mind.

2. Hamburger – If you are in the mood for a burger but you have no idea how big it should be, think hockey. A hockey puck is just about the perfect size for a burger.

3. Pasta – This one is really easy to get carried away with. One serving of cooked past should be about half a cup or the size of most peoples fist. If you have extra large hands, use someone els’s for your serving size.

4. Fish – The perfect serving of fish should be just about the same size as your checkbook.

5. Cheese – If you can divide it up into cubes, it should be about the size of four die.

More serving size tips here. 


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The results

So here it is……, today’s chili:


Today's chili



-Celery – Raw, 1.5 cup chopped

-Peppers – Sweet, red, raw, 2 cup, chopped

-Peppers – Sweet, green, raw, 2 cup, chopped

-Generic – Red Onion – Raw, 1.5 cup

-Garlic – Raw, 3 cloves

-Beef – Ground, 95% lean meat / 5% fat, raw 1.6lbs

-Tomatoes – Petite Diced, 1large container         

-Crushed Tomatoes (100% Natural), 1 large container (12oz)

-1 can of red kidney beans

-Spices – Chili powder, 3 tbsp

-McCormick – Garlic Salt, 1 teaspoon

-Spice Classics – Italian Seasoning, 1 tsp

The whole recipe nutrition information:

calories   2457,  carbs 309g,  protein 224g,  fat 44g

It serves 6-8 people, nutrition information for 6:

Calories 410,  carbs 52g,  protein 37g,  fat 8g


Wash all the vegetables, clean them and chop them up pretty well ( I use the chopper with the string that I got as my wedding gift-LOVE IT!!!!!!!)

Brown meat on a dry pan, after it’s fully cooked add chopped onion, and cover to simmer.Let it simmer

Put all the rest of the veggies in a pot , add ½ cup of water and let it boil, decrease the heat and let it simmer , add meat/onion mixture, add all the spices and drained beans , and let it cook under the lid for another 25-30 minutes.

It tastes the best next day.

Jamie gave it a B+…….., I can’t wait to cook it again, to see if it tastes the same, or I will try to change it up. Hope I can stick to the recipe.

I will keep you posted!!!



Banana bread turned out great, it was sweet and moist, way better then I thought it would be.

here is the ingredients:

5 egg whites

The ingredients

1 egg yolk

2 tbs of Greek yogurt

1/4  cup of natural peanut butter

1/2 cup of oat bran flower(gluten free)

1/3 cup of powered peanut butter(PB2)

1.5 tbs baking powder

1 large banana

1 cup of mango puree

2 tbs of agave syrup

4 pockets of stevia in the raw

egg whites


Mix all dry ingredients in the separate bowl and set aside

Beat egg whites stiff and set aside as well, combine egg yolk, peanut butter, agave syrup , and yogurt and mix with hand mixer until smooth and creamy, add mango and mushed banana, and blend together.Add dry ingredients, blend until smooth, fold in egg whites and mix in gently.

Bake in 350 degrees until the top cracks and inserted toothpick comes out dry.

Nutrition information:

It serves 10 servings, enjoy!

Total: calories1427 carbs183 fat  49 protein   72
Per Serving: calories143 carbs18 fat    5 protein     7

ready to get in the oven!!!!




Why Is America Getting Fatter?

If you are here on our blog right now, we know that you are making, or at least considering, a conscious decision to live a healthier life. So why are so many people not?  Why is our country constantly getting fatter? Here are a few stats that might make sense of this phenomenon.

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